Me and my girlfriend broke up yesterday, I need help advice something?

yesterday me and Kirsten had a argument, I said I might be dying cause of my constant migraine. She said “ don’t say that I don’t like that” so then I said would you be sad if I was dying, she said “ I thought I just said to stop that I don’t like that” she said she “doesn’t think this is going to work” over a little joke. So I went to Facebook thinking it was over and changed my Facebook picture from us to just me. She said “I never said we were done I said I don’t think it’s gonna work but you made the choice of breaking up so we are done” so I said that’s how I took it when you said what you said. She said “well now we are because you changed everything on Facebook it’s your fault” so I posted on Snapchat to my buddy Chris and chase I need a drink let's drink tonight. She said "wow you move on fast and have fun getting sloppy with your drinks. Then she blocked me on Snapchat and un friended me on Facebook and Instagram. So me being me I love this girl and was going to fight for her to make things right I bought her red roses cause red is her favorite color and brought them to her house (like in the movies when a relationship goes bad and the guy goes to the window with music and confess how he feel about her) I knock on the door and texted can you come outside please. She said "omg I'm calling the cops" thinking I was going to harm her but I just wanted to apologize and tell her how I feel about her, she said that was "crazy" and blocked my number and everything. I meant no harm I just wanted to fight for her but I guess that's crazy and she wants nothing to do with me after talking marriage and kids thought we were closer then that
Me and my girlfriend broke up yesterday, I need help advice something?
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