Should I leave him alone?

I started speaking to this guy through tinder back in October and we spoke everyday for about less than a month. His replies had always been bs. We stopped speaking and he recently messaged me because of something on my snapchat, we got speaking again and he told me he stopped speaking because he didn’t know what my intentions were. We sorted that out then he tried to have dirty conversations with me and ask for nudes even though we still hadn’t met, during this period he was replying within minutes. I DID NOT SEND THEM! I said I’m not that kind of girl and I’m looking for something long term not a hookup. He said he was on the same page too. But tbh I didn’t believe him. We are still speaking and now he takes HOURS to reply me, I’m talking 5+ hours sometimes he doesn’t message me for over a day. It did upset me cos I could really see myself liking this guy but now I’m thinking let me leave him alone.
We had a conversation about it he said he didn’t want me to give up, he wants to speak to me but he just doesn’t go in his phone. This is a lie because he watches my Instagram stories! I don’t know what to do.
Leave him alone
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Should I leave him alone?
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