Ex’s new girlfriend wants to hangout and be cool with my sister?

Ok here’s the story as short as possible:

So, I dated this one guy (fall of 2017) and we broke up shortly after having sex because he just wanted to have sex with me. It sucked because I fell for him and he made it seem like he genuinely wanted something serious, but once he got what he wanted, that was it. So we broke up and he reached out to me maybe 2 months later (January of 2018) because he wanted to “talk about everything” because we had a “bad breakup” and he wanted to “work things out”. Even tho I knew it was b. s., I was opened to letting him back in my life but not all the way just yet. I was still hurt behind everything so the next time around, I was EXTREMELY cautious about everything and was aware of the kind of guy he was. It was basically the same thing as the first time: he just wanted sex. Except this time was different because I never gave into him and he got salty, started dating to another girl while trying to “work things out” with me. I never confronted him so he thought I was completely clueless about the other girl but I knew everything. We ended up not talking and then about 3 months later. He hits me up out of the blue wanting to “talk about everything” and that’s when I told him about himself and how I knew about the other girl. He got really mad and blocked me on social media lol.

Fast forward to later on in 2018. His older brother reaches out to me and his brother wants to hangout. Even though we weren’t on speaking terms with one another, I was still cool with my ex bf’s friends/family. I hung out with his brother a few times. My ex is in jail right now for 2 years. His
Ex’s new girlfriend wants to hangout and be cool with my sister?
sentence started back in Oct. of 2018. He gets out October 2020. He has a new girlfriend and he’s in prison but his new girlfriend wants to hangout with my sister? Why? And she also tried to add me on Snapchat? (Read photo attachment to about the situation with the new gf)
Ex’s new girlfriend wants to hangout and be cool with my sister?
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