Im confused can anyone help or shed some light on what maybe going on?

Hi all.
me and my ex split up about 4 months ago, I lost my mum a couple of weeks after we originally got together and was drinking too much, I was never abusing physically but we argued lots because I had not got help.
I helped support her and her daughter and they met so much to me.
We originally split and after a week or so she said I was her future, she loved me and want a future, but then I was supposed to totally act like a mate and could not do it so we broke up again but lots a anger then as I was hurt.

So fast forward to dec 18th I sent her and the daughter a Christmas card and some vouchers, I did not get a message but she went to my local where she has not been in 2 months with the little girl, I can only presume to see me as even though before we dated she very rairly went in there it seems a bit weird within 48 hours she went in there especially with the 3 year old who adores me.

So Christmas came and went and in the new year I re opened my facebook, I was not on her mates list but not blocked either, I send a message but was not read, (so guess I was on mute?) I then noticed she was liking posts of people we both know more, I like some also so she knew I was back on social media, I then thought sod it, I went on her profile and liked an old old profile picture of her daughter, I thought she will see I have liked it then block me! but then she done the opposite, she then put a new one up of the little one at Christmas, I then liked that and she again did not block me at all.

Yesterday I send her an email, saying I want to know if I can try and win them back, asking if were ok to meet up and stating if she does not have feelings for me anymore that's fine at least I can move on, a day later I am not blocked, can still see her profile, my likes are there still for her and her family to see, what do I do? anyone can shed a light on what they think, her birthday is 20th this month and was gonna simply send a card, thanks in advance!
Im confused can anyone help or shed some light on what maybe going on?
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