How do I deal with him?

I met this guy 8 months ago, we are in a serious relation ship right now. I have never felt about anyone this way. He was a player. He is much older than me, but we don't mind that. I met him at my workplace. When we met, we just knew that we are for each other. He is the type of guy that would sleep with a girl, and never come back. I am his first serious relationship. I'm the first women he brought to the house and his family. After work we always go back to his family house where he also lives, I would stay with him for 2-3 days. I know that he is very serious about me, he met my family as well, his family tells me that he has never treated any women like he does with me.

However, we had our great and bad moments like everyone. There were things that happened too fast for us. I lost a baby with him, I knew that he wanted to propose to me as well. He was always dealing with things by himself, he had a lot of issues and anxieties.

Lately, he found out that his father has cancer but he has good results and he will get out of it. He lost his grandma and uncle as well. He takes it very deeply and he kept telling me his mind is all over the place. He always shuts his family off and me as well now because he wants to be left alone. He disappears, not call back, and I am very worried. He is also very stubborn and has difficult character. When we get into very big arguments which happened twice already he wanted to break up and just leave, but would stop him from doing that and try to fix everything. I love him to pieces and I know that he is the one. He always treats me good, and he is an amazing man, but very hard to deal with.

Also we wanted to have kids, but he said he is not ready now. I know that he is serious about me and I know that he loves me but I have also separation anxieties and I dont know how to give him space. Im also scared that he will want to leave me out of nowhere like he did before. what do i do?
How do I deal with him?
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