Boundaries when co parenting and new girlfriend?

hi all so just to break it down and please feel free to ask me a question if it helps for you to answer

So my 13 year old Daughter was picked up by her dad ( my EX) to sleep over his for the weekend. But little did I know he was dating and he turned up with his girlfriend. the issue is my daughter was spending the weekend with him at his girlfriend house and her 3 children and I wasn't told. he said he would have her again during the school half term when he takes time off work but then without a discussion. tell me she can come every other weekend as the girlfriend can look after her. and while she was there I wasn't happy with the fact she slept in the same room as her 12 year old son. and not with her daughters. I FEEL WE NEED TO come together as her parents talk, and set boundaries and rules.
Boundaries when co parenting and new girlfriend?
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