My girlfriend might be pregnant but we are broken up?

this has nothing to do with her being pregnant, we both consented to me ejaculating in her, but after i found she lied to me about something that caused me major anxiety i left her. i try not to feel bad about it because i feel like i was in the right for leaving. i guess if i had known she was lying i would have not got her pregnant.

she told me she won't put my name on the certificate or anything and i won't find out if she's pregnant regardless, i'm not mad at her or anything at all. it's just i felt used or something. but it breaks my heart just leaving her alone to take care of this kid and the kid not knowing his father but to be honest im not sure i'll love the kid at all because it came from a lie. maybe this makes me horrible and shitty and its not that i don't love my ex its just i can't. the only thing giving me peace is the thought of leaving everyone and everything. because i already know this is gonna make me depressed and suicidal which doesn't even seem fair considering what my ex would go through. she also won't get an abortion which i totally understand and accept.
it’s just she lied to me about talking to guys and when we broken up she immediately starts messaging guys and it was too much lies and shit. Now she’s saying the doesn’t want to move on and she didn’t lien because she never told me anything. But I just don’t want To be with her anymore
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My girlfriend might be pregnant but we are broken up?
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