Update after the break?

He was always a guy who’d bring me home then we’d look at the ceiling the whole time besides sex. I like to do things cause thats the point of hanging out. I hate how I get ready dressed up and all just to not go anywhere. We had many fights about it, I even left. He false promised me we will go out on fridays and he changed for a week then returned back. Last time I made it clear if he does it again I’m out. I rather stay home doing my stuff than wasting time with a guy and going to sleep early literally not doing anything.

On Friday he picked me up again telling me we’re going to have fun tonight. We only ended up eating dinner and sat on the couch talking, after awhile it got boring so we ended up laying down instead.

It was midnight, he hasn’t mentioned anything about going out so far, But yet started to get annoyed that I was on my phone. He wasn’t going to go out but instead waste my time by arguing. I went to sleep instead so I can study earlier tomorrow.

Next morning I got up to take my stuff and leave. He took my phone, keys and forcing me to stay by holding, hugging, grabbing. I tried every way to escape kick, poke, scratch, and I accidentally hit LIGHTLY the radiator. He slapped me so hard, then denied about it. Then he cried about radiator and few scratches like he’s a victim?

I wanted to go home asap as I have exam on Monday but he made me miss my train by not letting me go and saying he will drive me home. He actually ended up driving me to the station late and I had to wait for the next train for 1 hour. I was already lacking on time! Why did he tell me that he will drive me if he wasn’t going to. And why didn’t he let me go by train the way I wanted. He rather watched me the whole hour standing in cold waiting.
Update after the break?
Update after the break?
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