Why do guys treat you coldly after a breakup?

I have experienced and seen other women go through the same thing. After a breakup, your ex starts to treat you like an enemy. So the reason me and my last ex broke up was because he lied to me about a huge part of his life. Right after we broke up I apologized for the way I broke up with him (I texted him because we were having a text argument) and for what I said in that moment (even though breaking up was the right thing to do). But he didn’t hear me out at all, he was very cold to me. Even though he is the one who lied to me and hurt my feelings, he seemed like he was basically angry at me. I started to feel like after a while he never cared about me. It’s a long story and that was a long time ago but the gist is, why do guys treat a girl they hurt so coldly after a breakup?
Why do guys treat you coldly after a breakup?
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