Trying to be slow with my ex am I doing this right what your thoughts?

So me and my ex broke up ( he ended it ) and I decided to block his number and try get my head sorted we went 3 months no contact. He reached out to me on Instagram after 3 months and said he was really sorry and that he missed me. I didn’t reply as I was shocked then he replied again and said I know I messed up and I know you was so good to me hope we can talk and meet. I replied and said it’s a shame what happened I only wanted best for you we really got on and you hurt me. His been saying he wants to meet up with me and talk to me properly about things he said his had some growing up to do and had load of stress in his life. ( basically what happened was his friend killed himself and he got a new job in the city the same time this happened and he got so under pressure he was drinking a bit and not caring for himself and taking the stress out on me ) Iv said I’d happily meet him I said I don’t hate you I’m just abit hurt and I care for you. We haven’t met yet he said he would sort out meeting me not sure if this will happen or when. One night we was generally texting about family and life in general all going well and I said oh I was invited to a family party near your place saddly I’m not going as I’m not well at the moment. And he said that’s a shame I would of have loved to gone with you why don’t we go. And I thought to myself wow what a thing to say my cousin even thought that was abit of a mad comment. So I replied back with well I’m actually not going I’m poorly at the moment and the invite was last minute I was just talking in general. I don’t know if he thought I was lying but I’m not. And anyways why would you invite your ex to a family party haha. Anyways from that conversation he said his been busy and tired and I said oh I’m really sorry to hear that hope you’re ok Iv not been feeling good myself. I haven’t heard from him in 3 days Iv left it really Iv been poorly in bed and I didn’t want to come across overly keen and annoying clingy.
Trying to be slow with my ex am I doing this right what your thoughts?
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