My boyfriend was body shaming me, did I do the right thing by breaking up with him?

I never had a serious relationship before this guy so he was very special to me, we have been together for around 3 months so far but we have gone through a lot together and we were very close. He had around 10 gfs before me but interestingly he was always alone during V day - that’s what he said. Allegedly the girls were getting angry and miserable for some reason but he was just making up an excuse for his shit behavior. We had a fight yesterday about the fact that he did not wanna do anything for V day even though he was the one mentioning it first (his mind changes a lot) and I said I was a bit disappointed because it would be my first v day with someone and I just wanted to feel a bit special. I did not wanna have a ‘forced’ surprise so I told him to never mind. I hate it when someone just leaves the convo ‘’to sleep’’ when I am talking to them because apparently he was just running away. The things later on heated up even more and we started fighting over other stuff. He was making fun of my dreams about being a lecturer because he thinks ‘it is too easy to get a PhD’ when he does not even have a job yet. Today, I was very angry and I said that breaking up might be better for us. He get so angry and started comparing me to his ex; he said he was so happy when she was walking next to him because she was like a supermodel and everybody was looking at them and he was enjoying it. I am a curvy girl but am not overweight and he said I am not willing to lose weight so he can find me more attractive than his ex. He said anyone would prefer a supermodel over a girl like me - which is funny because he was saying that he loves my body. I felt extremely humiliated, and left the conversation. After 5 mins he texted me, apologizing for what he’s said and regardless of anything he loves me a lot. I completely ignored him. If he really cared about me I think he would keep texting to forgive him. Do you think I did the right thing to dump his ass or what shall I do?
My boyfriend was body shaming me, did I do the right thing by breaking up with him?
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