Did I get dumped coz I stopped playing along?

I've known this guy for a long time (10 years on/off) . He's not always been so successful career wise but he's been trying to build his construction business. I get that it's a long and tough road but he's asked us to be casual. As times gone on although he's not investing beyond sex physically he talks to me about his business/family. We don't go out as he's always working. And I about emotions and my family stress etc. The moment I bring up feeling broody and if we're a couple he shuts down on me. In the time I've written reviews for him, offered information to help his business. At one point he suggested looking for an assistant 2days a week but I ignored it. Bare in mind we have sex more or less when he wants and how he wants becatse well that's how he needs things to be.
I was talking to a guy because he asked me to find someone to have a threesome. And well although this guy was saying he really liked me and he finds his woman boring. I tested him, he eventually went on to tell me just how lucky he knew he is to have his woman.
That was a clear sign that the guy I'm seeing either has someone else or just doesn't care enough for me to see a future for us. Today he said he doesn't like ultimatums and is walking because we're in different places and not good for each other.
Cop out or easiest way to let me down?
Did I get dumped coz I stopped playing along?
Did I get dumped coz I stopped playing along?
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