Is it possible we might get back together?

We’re 6 years apart and he’s older, but we’re in different places in life. He still wants to be on the go and partying, and I was looking for a steady commitment. He wants to live a lavish lifestyle while paycheck to paycheck, and I prefer saving. He wants someone that can keep up with his energy, which I could do fine on weekends, but during the week, I’m more wiped out from work: He broke things off with me abruptly a few weeks ago. We talked a bit about it, and we mutually agreed that maybe what we need right now is to grow on our own for about a year, and then maybe reassess.

I know nothing is guaranteed, but does a situation like this ever work out? Where sometimes two people have to be apart to grow rather than together, and if they come together, they end up being a better fit for each other than before? Or am I possibly just wasting my time on the past?
Is it possible we might get back together?
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