Guys, For Divorced men: dating during your separation?

I was seeing a separated man. He was with his wife for about 17 years. I started seeing him 5 months after he was separated from his wife. Their marriage was over and they are planning to divorce. I enjoyed my time with him.. he seemed sincere and open to the idea of us. He even went as far to say he did have feelings for me. Though at some point things got tough, he became distant and we started to fall apart. I was understanding and patient. In the end I gave him space so he can figure out his home situation with his kids since they are getting divorced. I was very respectful of how delicate he must be and the situation he was in.

Recently I found out he was seeing someone else. This hurt me deeply given I thought he needed space to figure out his life. The part that hurt me most was that he didn't try and hide it from me. I saw that he was seeing someone else and it didn't bother him one bit.

I need to make sense of this all. I'm hoping men who have been divorced can help me understand.
Guys, For Divorced men: dating during your separation?
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