When is it time for me to walk away?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years, he's very controlling such as he doesn't let me have any male friends, he hates my best friend. He doesn't let me be friends with someone if they drink or vape, he made me stop being friends with my guy best friend since we were in middle school. He doesn't let me go to study hall bc people are in there he doenst like. I can't even go out anymore bc every time i get back I get asked 1000 question. He doesn't trust me bc I took one sip of my mom's beer over 1 and a half ago. He doesn't let me have snapchat bc he thinks I'm going to cheat on me. He says if I dorm at college he's going to break up with me. The college I'm going to is over an hour drive on a good day without traffic or snow or anything like that. When I get mad at something and it isn't very often he always makes me feel like shit. And he's never wring he's always the one that is right. He makes me feel like shit for everything. I also have bad anxiety so that doesn't help with anything. I'm 17 he's 18. I think in afraid to break up with him bc then I'll be all alone
When is it time for me to walk away?
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