Does he really mean it and is it over?

Me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday and it was worst one in history.. love was there on both sides but the reason was we dated for 6 months but yet were unable to build trust.. there were several misunderstandings and fights and breakups and patches too. suddenly I started getting negative guts and I tried to check on him through fake Instagram account because his behaviour was changed and I was kept on questioning what the hell is going on and is there someone else. But he found out that it was me and he got super angry. he brkup with me.. he asked for a reason but I didn't want to explain but he insisted so in frustration I told him I just did timepass which I didn't mean.. not even a 1 percent.. but he took it as I did timepass in relation.. he abused me talked so badly to me also scared with warnings.. he said he dont love me anymore he just hated me a lot.. he said we were never be together. What di you think? he dont see the insecurities I got because of him but he is just complaining about what I did to him.
Does he really mean it and is it over?
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