Is it wrong for a guy to get a new girlfriend in this situation? Or was he justified?

For a long time I was angry at hurt at my ex because he claimed to love me and he was not showing. I don’t blame him for everything that transpired between is. I chose to sleep with him regularly after we had broken up which was my mistake. But after a while, I became discontent with just sleeping with a man I was still in love with. So I told him that I wanted to end our arrangement. It was painful for me to let him go because I did still love him (like an idiot) but he is the one who eventually asked for us to get back together. It was borderline begging (he did cry and apologize a lot) but he didn’t have to beg in order for me to want to give him another chance. I forgave him right away and I just told him we should work on getting back together, starting over basically as if we hadn’t previously been together, broken up, or been sleeping with one another. I wanted to start over from scratch and I executed my plan all wrong because I slept with him even during that period of him trying to win me back. I even leaned on him for emotional support during the loss of a family member. But we were still not “together again.” I didn’t approve of jumping right back into a relationship even though I still was in love with him. And then out of nowhere he just disappeared after a whole year of being on and off in our messy situation. I felt played and angry at him because I just wished he had left me alone when I ended it. I felt like he just made all the stuff up about wanting to get back together and about being guilty for his mistakes. I even felt that he had cried on command just to trick me into being continually available to him until he was ready to end it and in the most hurtful way too, just ghosting me. When I found out he had gotten with a new girl I lost all respect for him. I blamed myself pretty much equally in playing a huge part in my own heartbreak. I also stopped trusting in my judgement and remained single for a long time not knowing of how to fix myself
Is it wrong for a guy to get a new girlfriend in this situation? Or was he justified?
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