I did the break up, blocked him, yet I'm waiting for him?

Hey, well here's the situation, me and my ex have been together for more than 2 years. The first one was amazing we were together all the time. Then next year (2nd year) i went to college but still we were in the same city but he started to see me less. No he hasn't been cheating on me. Im sure about that. But he started giving me less attention. All the efforts were on me. Im the one who calls, who try making convos, who goes and meet him wherever he is (tho i dont have a car) well i decided to end this (tho we had many arguments about this before) and he was cold. Its been 10 days since we broke up. I waited for a week for him to chase me to show me that he loves me. Although he always said he did but he never shows it AT ALL!! I miss him, I still love him and the ball is on his court. Tho after a week of no contact and him watching my stories on social media. I decided to block him everywhere and still for now no sign of him. Do you think he'll look for me? Miss me? I know i sound desperate, i hope u guys understand the situation Im in. Although there's nothing left for me to do. Im done with making all the efforts.
I did the break up, blocked him, yet I'm waiting for him?
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