From my this text by my ex , do I stand of chance of getting back?

We broke up over a month ago. Anyway, I messaged her that I missed her and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been trying to see her and get back together. She only lives 5 minutes away and I just want her and to see her.

She said she wanted nothing to do with me. I waited days and asked if she could come over. Her response was no thank you.
I then got upset because that basically hurt my feelings. I ended up having a fling over and just tried to block my ex.

I then woke up to a text message that said this :

I don’t care , just leave me alone.

It’s not rocket science. Before I cared when you were doing the same thing. Now I don’t care and you are still doing the same thing. The only difference now is I don’t care and I’m not interested in being around you. Therefore they/them/women, whomever can continue having you and being in your life. I have nothing more to do with you or this. I don’t care anymore because I do not care to be around you neither nor share my presence , time, touch and conversations with you. They (flings) can CONTINUE having you. I don’t care 🤷🏾‍♀️. Just don’t even message me anymore , you have no business keeping in contact with someone who’s clearly rejecting your invite and keeping in touch with you. Goodluck with you and “them”.

I don’t fancy you anymore. That fades away after not having your needs met and clearly you were better off sense you continued living your single life to the fullest. I’m now done wasting in-person time with someone I have no feelings for anymore.

Do not respond to this message. Nobody cares about you and your flings. It’s not my business and doesn’t bother me anymore. I want nothing to do with you and that’s clear!

My needs weren’t met with you. I’m done !
She is also on a dating site now. i been staring at her profile.

what does this mean for me and how should I respond to her? she’s pissing me off because I want to see her !
From my this text by my ex , do I stand of chance of getting back?
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