Does my ex actually hate me or is he just hurt?

My ex and I broke up back in the beginning of December. But we kept acting as if nothing changed. I know he wasn’t talking to other girls then. Up until now, I guess. Since our recent argument.

We’re both 25. And we’re expecting a baby this April.

A little over a week ago, we had a huge argument. It was the worst one we had ever been in. It got to the point where I (out of spite) mentioned some guy we both know. Let’s call him Adam. My ex hates Adam. And has always thought something happened between me and Adam. (Nothing happened but Adam did send me a nude once. Unwanted) but I told him Adam was better looking/had a bigger dick than him. I was mad, and I didn’t really think he’d take me seriously. But then he accused me of lying because I always said nothing happened. And I had originally told him that he was bigger than Adam. The ego. I know.

Afterwards, he started telling me that all these other girls were better than me. And that he never found me attractive, and that he settled for me. And that he also never loved me, and just used me for sex the entire relationship. We were together for a year. He said all of this pretty calmly.

Up until today (a week later) he’s still mad at me. He blocked me on everything. And has even been name calling me like bitch, cunt, etc.
I’ve never seen him this mad.

You think all of what he said was true?
Does my ex actually hate me or is he just hurt?
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