Girl I have been dating for 5 months just wants a friendship because she is in a bad mental state?

i have been exclusively "seeing" this girl for 5 months. She knows i caught feelings for her pretty hard. She says that she also had feelings for me. i hung out with her almost every day two weeks ago and spent the night at her house on the last day i hung out with her. The next day i got a message from her saying "can i tell you something without you hating me" and obviously my mind went straight to the worst but i kept my composure. She proceeded to tell me that i am super funny, a great guy, that she loves spending time with me and that i make her happy but she doesn't want to lead me on because she is only looking for a friendship right now. she said that she is in a bad space mentally and her depression is at its height right now. she said that im a very important person to her and she doesn't want to hurt me anymore. she pleaded for me not to hate her or disappear out of her life.. she said "please dont disappear" and "i want you in my life" like 5 times. i love her and i want to be there for her through her dark times. i asked her "do you think anything will ever happen between us again?" and she said "im not sure, i dont have an answer for that right now". it just sucks because i fell in love with this girl for the past 5 months so my feelings are way beyond just a friendship. i respect her decision though. she should always put her mental health before anything. i was really hurt at first and over thought the situation which made me think that she was just using that as an excuse to break things off with me so i distanced myself for the last 2 weeks. I have had some time to think about things and i really want her to be in my life but being just friends still hurts me a good bit. i am willing to go through some pain to be able to support her. i feel like i have made things weird by being distant and i feel bad. im not sure what to do in this situation. Has anyone been in a similar situation that can give me some insight?
Girl I have been dating for 5 months just wants a friendship because she is in a bad mental state?
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