Ex and girlfriend?

I truly wanted to be with my ex. But I was immature and my behaviour ruined any further chances I could have with her. She was willing to work things out and confide that there was something she had to tell me but I chose to not listen to her and walk away from her.

4 months later, I started dating a girl I was friends with but honestly, the levels of attraction and connection were never the same as it was with her. Initially, I was angry and hateful towards her and compared my new girlfriend to her thinking she is so much better. But as time passed (1 year almost of not being in contact with her) my anger faded and I felt guilty.

After nearly 1 year, I have seen my ex since the last 3 months around my college. Each time I see her, I still have the thoughts and memories of her and the days I end up encountering her (haven't talked but want to) I end up thinking of her. I saw her yesterday when I went to university with my girlfriend and when I returned home with my girlfriend, I thought of her again.

I also wanted to say something to her when I saw her yesterday as we came face to face but she was with a friend so I didn't say anything.

I will be lying if I said I didn't want her. I was head over heels smitten over her, something I have never felt for my current girlfriend. She was the first girl I had such an intense, strong attraction and our sexual tension was insane. Whenever both of us looked at each other, it was we just needed a room and we could have had each other all night long.

Like I mentioned, I knew my girlfriend but was never attracted to her nor I saw her as a girlfriend.
My girlfriend and I are sort of "in a relationship" but it's kind of not so deep. If I compare my feelings to my ex then my feelings for my girlfriend are simply 30% to what was 100% for her, sexually and emotionally.
why do I still feel like talking to her or thinking of her?
Why is this happening? Is it because I was never really over her? What should I do in this case?
Ex and girlfriend?
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