What should I do?

Sorry about this long thing... There’s this guy I’ve been in a situationship for about 4 years now. I guess maybe we haven’t been together because it’s been a long distances. Who cares at this point because it’s been four years, he’s trying to make it go on for a fifth and honestly I can’t. Last past few days I expressed myself and I listened to a friend who was like apologized and try to call him instead of talking to him. Completely ignored. The more I think about it the madder at myself I get because I feel like he’s going to do one of those things where he’ll try to pop up out of nowhere and I can’t do it anymore. I’m at the point where I’m looking, sounding and feeling nuts all because I want to know where we stand and telling him how I felt about the situation. Should I just go ahead and block him everywhere so he can’t reach back? Because a part of me is hoping we he gets back in the country (bc he’s on deployment) maybe things could be different but the other part of me is so drained and I’m just not sure about anything to do. Because he’s always been good to me but I’m tired of not having the title but always having a relationship thing. Like I can’t even express without being ignored or seemed as tripping/overdramatic.
What should I do?
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