How should I act with an ex who hates me?

So, I’m meeting up with my ex later today. I’m pregnant, in case y’all wanted to know why. We broke up in December, and we had been on good terms until now. He wants his stuff back, I want my stuff back. So that’s why we’re meeting up. I also need him to sign some stuff.

We’re both in our mid 20s.
He hates me right now. I’m assuming it’s because during an argument we had (a week ago) I told him that this guy he hates is better looking than him/has a bigger dick. 😬 I was mad, ok? Before I got to apologize he went off and told me worse things. Saying other girls were better than me, that he never loved me and just used me, made fun of my body.

Later on, he took it too far and almost hit me. That’s when he apologized and started being nicer to me. But then when he left the next day, he went back to being mean. After a couple days, he ghosted me and blocked me on everything.

Even now that we made plans to meet up to exchange stuff. He’s being mean and calling me ugly names.

Is he still mad? And how do I act? I wanna be on good terms with him since we’re going to be parents.
How should I act with an ex who hates me?
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