We've hit each other, I'm still in love. What to do?

I was in a relationship for 8 months with a girl who is very special to me, and is seriously the only person I've ever felt so blindly, drunkly in love with. I've been in relationships with guys before (and can still be attracted to them,) but she just came in my life (and I might as well be bi) But meeting her, was fate. My last heterosexual relationship lasted 3 years, and then she walked into my life, I fell in love and I broke up with my ex in order to be with her (I'm not the cheating type).
The thing is that after the first 3 months into our relationship we started having problems. She was extremely jealous (due to her past, she had been cheated on) and very controlling. Back then I never realized that she just wanted more affection and I got mad, infuriated and it was an endless loop. So the last 5 moths where a constant roller coaster of emotions, problems, rage, manic attacks, jealousy, short break ups and hurtful words. I don't remember when but one time I asked to break up but she wouldn't accept it and at first she wouldn't let me go, like not even get out of the door. She was sure I was cheating and started imagining things. Accusing me of seeing me on the street with a guy and being sure of it just because at that exact moment I didn't pick up the phone!!! None of that EVER HAPPENED! So somewhere around that time we fought, like very violent stuff having scratches and bruises all over our bodies. We both did it. She sure of me cheating, and not letting me break up because I wouldn't speak the "truth" and I being full of it, filled with rage and anger having to forever stand up for myself. We somehow got through that.
However after some time due to the same issues we got into even more violent fights another 2 times. The last time was when we finally broke up. I've asked her to not bother me anymore, she showed up at my work, called at my parents house!
I can't say she didn't try all this time to change but I was blind due to all the anger I had inside.
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Now after being apart for almost 2 weeks and her having finally stopped texting calling and stalking me, I've had time to see my OWN wrongs, mistakes and faults through it all. I've let go of all the anger and hate and once again the bruises dissappear and I'm left with love and missing her. I still love her and she's told me she'll be waiting for me everyday for an hour for 3 months in a special place of ours and if I never show up she'll leave the town.
We've hit each other, I'm still in love. What to do?
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