What do I do, my boyfriend broke up with me?

We had been friends for around 2 years and we dated for 8 months. We used to sleep every night on call, we spent all day together, we shared everything with each other. We were best friends and a couple. I don’t have many friends but he was always there for me and now it’s so lonely. I just do work all day, I make more work when I am done that work, I got a job too, I work through the night because I can’t sleep. I know I need to respect his decision. He said that he just can’t handle a relationship, which is understandable since this is kinda his first real one. Anyways I am not sure how to handle this stress anymore. And also I have sleeping problems and I did try medication but I ended up over using it and it honestly doesn’t help at all. Also we are talking right now but it’s casual. Any advice would will be valued. Thank you.
What do I do, my boyfriend broke up with me?
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