My ex boyfriend being controlling over me?

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My ex of 4 years split with me 6 weeks ago. It has been a difficult journey since. He blocked me, unblocked me, reached out, still told me it was over, then said could we be friends. Then arranged to meet up, he cancelled on the night. It has felt like a lot of mind games and confusion (on his part). I have made it clear to him since the split I wanted to talk and try to work things out. He was jealous and possessive guy during our relationship. His words to me last week were move on meet someone else. It hurt him saying this, but knew I had to take his advice. I must add I don't want to meet anyone else, but thought yes I can't stay hidden away anymore. So I put myself back on facebook (I had removed myself before because it always caused arguments between us due to his own insecurities, jealousy etc). A male friend of mine commented on my new profile photo, telling me I looked good. I felt I should have deleted the comment as I knew ex would find me back on facebook and the comment would antagonize him. But I thought well he doesn't want me and the relationship anymore, and I am not doing anything wrong. However I decided to hide the comment on my facebook profile so he wouldn't see it in case it provoked anger. I didn't realise that by hiding it someone could still see it said '1 comment' but then when you click on it you can't see it.
So within an hour he has contacted me raging that I have hidden a comment and I've purposely done it so he couldn't see it. Yes I had done this, he knows me well and I know him well hence why I did it. However he's told to leave him alone, although he was the one reaching out a lot to me and blocked me on whatspp, messenger, but told me to block him on facebook - when he could actually block me? Reading all this back it sounds like he is a 16 year old. He is actually 38 years old. What is going on? He doesn't want me but doesn't want anyone else having me? thanks for listening
My ex boyfriend being controlling over me?
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