Girlfriend cheated, so here I am?

Hey guys, I'm just gonna explain a little bit. My girlfriend, on and off for a year, were having Valentine's day time last night since she works today. We exchanged gifts and all for our second Valentine's day. She got a Snapchat from a guy and I just asked her to tell me who it was because I did not recognize the name. Turns out she sent this guy nudes when we were together on Christmas. She had sex with him two days ago. It's all sex. And another guy as well. She made me feel so bad for having a fling a few months ago when we broke up. She broke up with me. She lied and said she did nothing. She deleted texts and all. She manipulated and blackballed me. Made me the bad guy... When it was all projecting. I just feel very disrespected and betrayed. We were talking about moving in when I graduate this semester. We shared everything. Everything. We called each other family. I just want to know I'm not wrong for this, even though I I know I'm not. Love and life. Hope all of you guys are having a happy Valentine's day.
Girlfriend cheated, so here I am?
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