I recently broke it off with a girl of about 1.5 years. Was this the right choice?

Oh boy what a good poll to ask. I haven't been on here for a while. I am sure a lot of you experienced individuals can chime in on this. I am at a loss for what to do next. This poll is kind of me ranting too (beware).

To make a long story short, I had asked the girl (now ex I guess) to show me her phone. I wanted to see if she was hiding anything. I know it's wrong of me to go through her phone. This was done in front of her and not done in secrecy. I don't think I know her phone's password to even pull this off. The thing is, when I started opening up her snapchat, she got real defensive quick and demanding that her phone be returned to her possession immediately. Oh big friggin red flag right there. I told her: "if you hiding something, I have to end this now." Oh what a big friggin fuss and endless crying that followed suit.

The thing I do not get is is that I had pulled off an incident like this, which happened months ago back in 2019. She reacted asking why I had to check her phone. She did get pissed at me initially, then calmed down, and then I was allowed to check her phone. Nothing. I tend to pull off these "random phone checks" every so often. Back then I didn't think to check her snapchat. I had only checked her Facebook messages and phone messages up until now. I don't think I checked her Instagram messages. For the times I had conducted these "random checks" I would get backlash from her (to be expected).

The kicker is that I had told her before that these phone checks were for a REASON and meant to rebuild the trust that she has damaged with me. I guess it's too late now?

She tarnished my trust over the course of this relationship and I just had enough. Inb4 people saying I should have left her if she exhibited signs of not being trustworthy. I get it.

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update: I appreciate everyone's input so far. Just to make it clear: I don't do phone checks every time. These checks were like months apart from the last one. So yes there was a degree of trust built there - well up until now I guess.

And for the one who voted that I should go back and fix this issue - how would I really go about doing so?

Everyone please note that she was my very first serious relationship where I went the whole nine yards with (minus pregnancy thank the Lord).
I recently broke it off with a girl of about 1.5 years. Was this the right choice?
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