What does my ex want?

I have an ex of 1 nd half year.. he cheated me during our relationship but he knew that I loved him truly. breakup was very rough.. he was so cruel to me.. after I moved on he came back after 6 months of our breakup.. at that time I was dating someone else and now I am. in relation with that guy since the time i am dating him.. it took me 4 months to moved on.
After that my ex still keep on contacting me.
He always finds an excuse to contact me that he got a request from a fake I'd was it me? or sometimes he will say that my boyfriend has contacted him though my boyfriend dont know about his name. and then he will warned me that if he will again get any message then it will be tough on me though I never messaged him nor my boyfriend did.. then he will insult me that my standard is downgrade and I look good with my present man. then he will tell me that I am a hoe.. in short he keep on bad mouthing me..
What's going on? he know that I am not a bad girl then why is he insulting me?
What does my ex want?
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