I want to move on but I still love my ex boyfriend?

It’s been 3 months after we broke up with my boyfriend but I still love him. I broke up with him due to infidelity when we still live together with this other woman in another city and some side chicks.

my boyfriend left me a month ago. He said he loves me for who I am. He needs to go to another city to work and it’s just close. We had sex before he leaves and I really don’t want to lose him as what he also told me.

but suddenly he wants t visit me again. I was afraid he was just playing and so I put on a test and post all his message on me about seeing me on my Facebook wall, I was trying to see the reaction of this other woman because she was stalking my Facebook recently.

Then a few minutes after my boyfriend got mad at me and told me the other woman got mad at him. And said I need to stop posting his messages and he said I need to stop doing it. We are done ! We are over! I am not your priority U can’t force me to love u.

i was mentally upset. I am confused of his lies. I blocked on my Facebook accounts but every morning It feels so painful to get up and even I cried every night.
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I blocked him**
I want to move on but I still love my ex boyfriend?
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