Guys, should I ask my ex-boyfriend back?

We were together for 1 year. Almost every single day we will be texting each other. We always meet once a week because he is in Army. (Total Army is 2 years, now is his 1 Year.)
This is TMI but we make out quite a lot.
Suddenly he just went so busy with his work that he could not even text me. He still text me but our conversation is getting shorter. We also start to meet less often. We only meet and text a lot when it was during the holidays.

So I kept pick a fight with him saying that he have no time for me. But he keep on saying that he still love me, he not using me for sexual desire and he don't have another girl. He just got so busy because he in Army. Due to these reason, we keep on fighting and we in on and off relationship.

Now Its the final break up and i was being so desperate then before. This final break up is the worst too because we curse (fuck off) for the first time. He also said that we not ready to be in relationship because we are fighting over the same reason.

Its been a month or two over the break up. We not on the talking terms but he still watch my Instagram stories. I still miss him. I want to ask him for the last time if we could get back together. What do you guys think?
Guys, should I ask my ex-boyfriend back?
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