My new Fiance left me for an older Dentist?

Been through a brutal divorce. I have 3 kids. My exwife has always been after me in court battles for anything she can think of. Accused of infidelity, but it wasn't true. All PI reports and investigations vouched for my truth. The woman accused was a friend who testified of the truth, and stuck with me through all my hard times. My home and children were temporarily taken due to investigations and I had to live with my parents for a year. I lost great jobs and was even unemployed for a long time. However, my friend stuck with me through all this. After my divorce, we started dating. We became best friends and were so close. It was like she was the true love of my life. Se was amazing! I eventually got on my feet, and started making 100k. We discussed marriage and I proposed in December after an 8yr friendship. She was so excited! We set a date for August. She has a daughter and our families blend well. She helped me so much! She also had several hard times in life I was also able to support her through, although less expensive. (unemployed, needing money, fixtures, bills, furniture, etc. We had a mutual understanding to help eachother in times of need. Unfortunately, it seemed like my divorce was more expensive than all the help I ever offered. Well, at the time of my engagement, her family dentist lost his wife to cancer. He was best friends with her sister's husband. He lived in a renovated historic house much larger than mine. Although I had great plans for marriage- money flowing, ready to buy a much larger house, she started feeling overwhelmed with the wedding planning. Per my encouragement, she recently reconciled with her sister after a 2 yr argument. They'd gotten very close. One Friday night she went over for drinks & I didn't hear from her until Sunday. I got a text saying Its over! No reason or discussion. She will not reply to texts or answer calls. I am broken! She changed locks to the house & I see Dentist car over night.
My new Fiance left me for an older Dentist?
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