My ex & his new woman?

Long story short, my ex (met in 2014, my first boyfriend and everything) did me dirty (always has) and accidentally got some else pregnant which caused him to cut me off under the guise of having a girlfriend (not the one he got pregnant) he cut me off and has been hiding it for 2 years. They now live together for financial security i guess, he finally stopped ignoring me after 2 years last month.. says he knows he fucked up in the past (never said what he did) but it is what it is, he can’t fix it. I said the best apology is changed behaviour all I ask is that you be nice, not so cold and cordial and he said he can’t be nice to me or talk to me cuz he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, yet he tried to video call me 3 times (answered none)... he went back to ignoring me after refusing to be cordial & I said happy birthday on the 30th and he said thanks I said np, and he didn’t read it... so back to ignoring me again.

anyways him and her deleted each other off of fb in October of last year (& never had each other on ig), which leads me to think there’s trouble in paradise... anyways.. she posted a video of him and her in the club for his bd dated September of last year saying “ happy birthday best friend, 2 birthdays down forever to go” he didn’t like the post (which he’s liked her posts in the past) or commented but she posted on it and said “he says thanks everyone”... why wouldn’t he just say that himself & why aren’t they friends anymore?

overall I’m slowly getting over the hurt and betrayal and want to start a family of my own & don’t want to sit around waiting for him anymore... i don’t want to be an option anymore, I’m a wife... I just want to know what u guys think about this situation.
I don’t have any friends to talk to so it’d be helpful.

My ex & his new woman?
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