Should I be concerned?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a 5 months now. On the first date , he told me about an ex who was 38 years old that had left him when he was only 28. Because he wasn’t financially ready for a child. She moved to Tennessee , married another man , had a baby all within a year. He was heartbroken. Then two years later he met me. He’s a great honest kind guy and I can tell he’s not a cheater. But recently his ex called him to tell him that she is divorced and the rest of the details about her situation. He didn’t have much to say to her other than good luck. After I heard this , I was pissed but I let it go

then a month later , she called him to ask him to wire her money. My boyfriend said no. And I’m just like why isn’t this fucking lady blocked? Why are you still accepting calls from her?

My boyfriend apologized and immediately blocked her.
Should I be concerned?
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