How do I make this anger about her go away?

I thought I had found the person I was supposed to marry a few years ago. We had a rocky start to our relationship because we weren't the same religions, but there came a point where she didn't let it get in the way anymore.
We dated for a long time, I was madly in love with her. She decided to go on a mission for her church, and ended things while she was gone.
She pretty much ignored the two letters I sent basically pouring out my heart to her.
When she came home, I ran into her. She blamed our relationship failing on me completely and said I tried to break her away from the church.

A few months later, she got married and I had the bad luck of doing a job and passing by the temple and saw her get married.

Ever since the last time we talked, the anger and betrayal I've felt hasn't gone away. Any time I think of her I get instantly angry.
I'm worried about when I happen to run into her again since I know she lives around me.

I just can't explain the pain and anger I constantly feel and it's made me feel like I can't trust anyone and I've struggled to date since then.

How do I get this to go away? I'm also worried if I see her again and she says or does something, I'll take my anger out on her
How do I make this anger about her go away?
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