How do you deal with incredibly annoying exes?

My first ex has made a new Instagram account to be able to look at my private spam account regularly.
I‘ve blocked him on all social media, but a few days ago he texted me somehow.

I‘m so annoyed by this guy at this point, I texted „Leave me the fuck alone“ back and I think that may have worked? He didn’t say anything after that. I just want him gone for good.

I just checked out his Instagram (all it took was remembering the first names of two of his friends lol). I’m sure he felt incredibly smart when creating his „anonymous“ username, it’s something like xyzhsgshsh2245 but again, if you have friends who follow you, stuff like this is easy to figure out.
I‘m mad because he posted pictures of my hometown with captions saying that he fell in love with the city, that he misses „those times“ etc. „those times“ meaning when we were still together.

He just texted me a heart emoji while I was typing this. I need to figure out how I can block his number, I’m so over this.

What should I do other than blocking him e v e r y w h e r e?
How do you deal with incredibly annoying exes?
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