Can someone please advise me should I answer him or not?

so my ex boyfriend decided to breakup because we have too much arguments and cannot see eye to eye, in the past he was very supportive and was very emotional with me so I tried to save our relationship and gave a letter of 4 papers with all of my emotions and how we can fix it and asked to read it after 1 month in order to calm down from all the drama.
I was really excited for him to read it and in my mind we will fix everything and get back together because we really love each other.
So yesterday a common friend talked to him and he told her that he made it very clear that this was our closure even though he loves me and he took the letter just for my sake and it will not change his decision and she told me all of this.
I realized that I will not wait for him to read anything and it's just a waste and I don't want to contact him to tell him that, so I decided to stick to the no contact rule but now I know he will call me in 2 weeks to tell me that he's sorry and cannot come back.
Should I answer him then or just ignore it? I really want him back but I need it to be his desire not only for my sake.
Can someone please advise me should I answer him or not?
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