Is closure necessary?

When the relationship ends, do you really need to have “the talk”? I maybe wrong but closure doesn’t always have to be a talk. Closure can be something as, if he/she doesn’t want to speak to you, if you felt he/she changed and you don’t feel that he/she wants it still. With the actions he/she has shown, we already know but we are in denial. Remember that a NO response is a very powerful response. Most of the time, we try to talk to them because we wanted an answer to clarify things but what would that give us in return? Are they coming back? No. We only wanted to talk to them because we are hopeful that maybe we can do something to save the relationship. But please stop chasing for answers and just do your best to gain strength to close the chapter. I know it’s hard but you did your part. You were there for that person, you gave everything to save the relationship. Let go. Take the lesson with you. And remember that pain is temporary. That is your closure. It’s not going to come from his/her words. Only you could give yourself peace.
Is closure necessary?
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