My ex still makes me feel guilty about our breakup, should I?

My ex and I come from 2 different cultures and we are very close to our cultures. We're also from different countries, 2000 miles apart, different time zones, seasons, even hemispheres. It is about 3000 USD to see each other, 36 hrs of nonstop travel and between school and work we'd only see each other for 2 weeks every year. It was hard to keep our relationship, we had to think far ahead in the future and after a year of being together (age 19) our families were already pushing us towards marriage, ask who would want to move where and already applying for citizenship in each others countries. I was only 19, I was scared, I didn't want to get married so soon, I didn't want children, I didn't want to think about all of that for at least another 8-10 years because I was so focused on school and my dream career. So I ended things, I was scared... Everything was moving so fast and my future was already decided by my "in-laws" and family. I ended things and he was upset, so upset he would often contemplate suicide. Eventually we became friends again (22 now) and now I've noticed during our conversations he'll say things like "oh it's been almost 2 years since you dumped me" or "i remember a year ago I tried to commit suicide because of our breakup" and he'll make posts like that on fb and Instagram too. It makes me feel like a horrible person, I feel like I shouldn't have broken up with him. Am I a bad person for leaving him? Was I just young and stupid? Should I feel bad? I don't know it's messing with my head a lot lately
My ex still makes me feel guilty about our breakup, should I?
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