I lost weight & now my ex notices me?

Me & my ex had our first child together... so far it’s both of ours only child.
When we were together he cheated on me, left me & abandoned me... cut off all contact for a year & got his parents to pick up his son from time to time for daily visits.
Shortly after our child’s first birthday I decided to make changes.
I did a lot of emotional stress eating during my pregnancy... it was heartbreaking & traumatic to be left out in the cold by someone who loved me so much, I could understand how he could just move on in a split second & completely ignored me while I went through my pregnancy, birth, & the first year of motherhood ALONE.
I lost 70 pounds. I went from 220 to 150 at 5 foot 8 inches.
I invested in a completely new wardrobe, grew my hair out very long & dyed it platinum/silver.

... I take good care of myself now & I’m finally feeling happy.
but now when I see him he won’t stop staring at me likes he’s in love with me.
he insisted that I unblocked him from everything & messages me more often to ask about our child.
he added me on my social media accounts & now he replies to Snapchat stories, reacts to my photos & comments on my stuff.

he tries to have normal conversations that exclude our child & I just ignore him...

isn’t it obvious that he only gives me attention now because of my weight loss transformation.
I lost weight & now my ex notices me?
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