Is this manipulation?

I’m going through a tough break up, like really tough. Basically I left this guy because I didn’t feel I was getting treated good towards the end. He was like my best friend, we had such good times, and I clicked with him so well. But We kept going on breaks because he was hurting me and he would do stuff during the break that hurt me more. So I left I needed space time to heal I also lost a family member on top of that. All he seemed to care about was winning me back. So just recently, he was begging me for support to talk so I did and we ended up fighting because he just argued that everything he did was ok. I ended up getting mad and hurt and he basically said ur hurting me too much by leaving either we talk right now, or just go forever. I mean, this seems so extreme and irrational. I think he may be saying this to see if I react and possibly he’s in a lot of pain. But he’s making me feel so guilty and bringing up things I’ve done in the past. I said I was visiting friends and we could talk when I get home next week. He’s like no way I’m done, your not there for me i keep begging to talk, I don’t feel valued. Like is he crazy? We’re not together. i left because I didn’t feel fully valued. Now part of me feels like I should reach out saying ur valued, but then maybe it’s just manipulation. And he hurt me I shouldn’t feel guilty, and he broke up with me last year, and wasn’t there for me.
Is this manipulation?
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