Why is my ex doing this?

So two weeks ago my boyfriend dumped me. I tried everything in these two weeks to win him back, but he’s doing just fine. He has me blocked on everything and whenever I try to call him from a blocked number, he answers and talks but never wants to work on things.

but this is the part that bothers me most. He still follows my location and if I turns it off, gets upset. He still uses my work password to get my schedule every day. And he still uses an old account to watch all my Instagram stories.

Why does he do this? If I was really over an ex, I wouldn’t care enough to check in on them everyday. In fact, I feel like it would just force me to continue to thinking about them.
Today I didn’t get any notifications that he logged into my work account or viewed my stories. So now I’m wondering if I should just block him from doing it bc all day it bothered me that he wasn’t looking.
Why is my ex doing this?
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