Could I be headed towards a heartbreak? Needing someone to help me out. Don't have anyone else to go to.

Thanks ahead of time for taking the time out of your lives to hear me out. I know you may have your own troubles but this would mean so much to me if I could get some kind of feedback. Not desperate but in need of some advice that I cannot seem to get from elsewhere. Thanks again:)

I’ve been recently hanging out with a friend and we’ve spent lots of time having intellectual conversations with one another. We really connect and the chemistry is so strong. He made it clear in the beginning, (before all of our conversations), that he didn’t want a relationship with me. Since, however, I believe we have become really close and it feels as though he has also grown strong feelings for me. It’s a little hard to tell how into me he is, but he’s always complimenting me, trying to make me feel good, asks about my interests, and I can tell he really does care for me.

It gets complicated however, mainly because we have also started to become intimate. He’s very comfortable with me and having such good chemistry, making love has been the best that either of us have ever had. It feels so right.

Nonetheless, I’ve also been having thoughts in the back of my mind that he is only interested in the sex, but there are things he does that make me wonder if I’m completely mistaken. For instance, after spending the entire night talking and becoming intimate, he grabs me to come fall asleep in bed with him as he holds my hand falling asleep close to one another. The other morning I set the alarm to wake up and leave before his parents would find me sleeping over and when I awoke to the alarm, he turned it off and put his arms around me indicating that he didn’t want me to leave and it’s those little things that make it seem like he isn’t in it just for the sex. On the other hand, he doesn’t text me very much and he hardly calls me when we’re not together. The only time I usually come over is when a conversation is sparked about sex and ever since he told me that he didn’t want a relationship (although he may have changed his mind), I still worry about being heartbroken.

Also, his family is aware that he’s been hanging out with me. They know that we’ve been spending quite some time together so he has been telling them about me. I’ve never met them though and I don’t think he talks to his friends about me because they seem to have no clue about us hanging out that much. His friends however, I have met.

Opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Could I be headed towards a heartbreak? Needing someone to help me out. Don't have anyone else to go to.
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