Why is he upset that I've moved on?

Without getting into the whole story, my ex treated me like i was worthless crap to him after 2 years of on and off dating. He cheated on me more than once, treated me like i was a embarrassment to be around when his friends saw us together and did and said a tone of horrible things to me, when i did nothing to make him act that way towards me. He was always the one who wanted to fix things after we'd break up but he never actually changed or said sorry for how he'd treated me.

Last time i saw him was ata train station and he basically said he had a fear of serious relationships but that doesn't give him any excuse for how he treated me, he could have just said that at the beginning and saved all the toxic trouble.

Almost a year on from that, i started seeing someone new. He treats me so good and he's the love of life. he's what I've always needed and wanted in a person.

Im assuming some of are mutual friends must have told him i found somebody as he started posting petty stuff on his Facebook which i ignored and as soon as i posted a picture of me and my boyfriend together he deleted his Facebook.

I honestly couldn't care less at first until he started getting creepy. he's started working down the road from were my boyfriend lives and is constantly standing outside his fence smoking and trying to look through the windows.

My boyfriend confronted him at first not knowing who he was and asked if he could help him with anything and he just muttered "get fucked" to him and he ran off. Now he's claiming by boyfriend stole me away from him.

Lol i went to him voluntary but okay... And i don't belong to know one.

I just think its so stupid. Why try so hard to get me back and get all petty and nasty with my boyfriend when back when we were together he treated me like crap and would only do it again. I've told him he's crazy and all he can do is call me evil and crazy back when I've done nothing to him.
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He just he's to get a life seriously
Why is he upset that I've moved on?
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