How do you heal from a humiliating breakup?

So I did a challenge where your asked a question and then you make a video answering that question. My question was “why did your last relationship end?” I’ve always known WHY it ended, but I don’t like to say it out loud because it’s just such a pathetic reason. That relationship meant a lot to me, lasted a little under a year, had a drastic effect on my life, and it simply ended because it was bound to. The video was supposed to be 30 seconds or less, so that left me with little time to beat around the bush or sugarcoat the events. So, for the first time since the actual breakup, I said aloud what happened. The answer was: “I fell in love with a guy and I guess I was just stupid. Even after he started treating me like shit I kept holding on to what I wanted things to be. I left after almost a year but he begged for another chance and promised to change. But when I gave him another chance he just cheated on me and got with another girl without even saying goodbye. It taught me a valuable lesson about love.” And that was the content, described as well as I could fill into a 30 second or less video, detailing the first and only relationship I have ever been in. One that ended in such a pathetic way, with no closure, with me making a fool of myself time and again, for a guy who only treated me good sometimes. And somehow, this relationship is what still stops me from trusting new people or from believing in love. I had to take accountability for my mistakes and they were some stupid mistakes, but nothing like what I would think should end a relationship. The truth is that the relationship ended because he didn’t think I was good enough to stay with, and left me for somebody he thought was better, and it’s been so hard to come back from that blow to my ego especially since the love was actually real to me despite how short lived it was. How can I heal from being humiliated by the breakup
How do you heal from a humiliating breakup?
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