Why am I still so attached to this woman?

My ex has cheated on me more than once, acts like a slut but won’t let me go. She won’t stop calling or texting my phone even though she knows she isn’t done being a slut/cheating but I still answer her calls even if it’s just to call her a “slut” or remind her of how faithful I was to her even though she wasn’t to me or even if it’s just to ask her why she can’t let me go? but I can’t understand why I can’t seem to allow her to let me go. Rather than block her and cut her off completely I still give her access to be toxic and attempt to get me back in the same cycle and I sometimes even still have sex with her and the thing is I have another girl who is much better than her. Her personality, her vibe and her presence in general is better but my cheating ex has a weird emotional hold on me that I can’t explain. I’m starting to think that maybe because I put my all into her when were together, I lifted her up. Put her in a better position in her life just for her to cheat constantly. She even has tried to get me set up twice. It’s a feeling I have for her but I don’t think it’s love. More like a feeling of hurt and I’m still trying to get the answers to why she hurt me the way she did.
Why am I still so attached to this woman?
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