My ex boyfriend left me for someone else but I still love him. What shall I do?

It’s been 8 months since our breakup and I still love my ex boyfriend so much. Nothing changes to my feelings and every time I hugged my pillow, I still feel his chest hugging while I sleep when we were still together. When I am with my boyfriend I am happy, than I am with my family and it’s weird. I cannot stop thinking about him.

I was the one who break up with my boyfriend because I found him cheating to me for 4 months while we are still together, and he left me for this other woman. And five months later, they broke up with this other woman. And, that is why I feel hatred to my boyfriend because I did gave everything to him yet he chose to betrayed me.

I cannot understand myself because even if how awful he has done my heart cannot forget him. Thinking what if he is going to change and what if he do love me and was only pressured by my family who do not like him. What if I shouldn’t break up with him? What if we are really meant together?

I deleted my Facebook account because I was affected by our breakup. And, I didn’t communicate him anymore and never heard from him for already 5 months. I don’t want to pity myself running to him. Because I know I already given enough but I was not enough for him. But even if I have done this things. I still love him and wish him that one day, we are going to meet again and make it work.

I am very confused, what shall I do in my situation?
My ex boyfriend left me for someone else but I still love him. What shall I do?
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