Did he really love me like he said?

Did he really love me like he said?
He would tell me we’d fight hard...

So me and my ex were happy together at least I hope he was but what he would tell me felt so real.. how could you fake the words you express to another? Anyway my family was against him due to him leaving his ex for me and being a cheater but I loved him and forgave him.. they gave him a hard time but HE was the one that would tell me we’d prove everyone wrong and we can’t let the negativity get to us but anyways when we broke up a week ago he goes “I have to accept nobody wants us together me and you can’t do this anymore I’m so sorry” “I need to focus on my career and my happiness” just excuses.. if he loved me he would have fought for me like he said he would..

I attached a screenshot of what he has told me before.. can this be faked and do you think he‘ll come back?
Did he really love me like he said?
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