Why did he contact me again?

Me and my ex broke up 2 months ago. he was the one to break things off. after breakup he was continuously trying to make me jealous because he was thinking that I was with someone new while i was not. days went on like this he would text me and would start lashing out. Until one day i asked him to stop texting me as his words or misjudgment hurts me nd I told him fir last time that one day you will look back nd will say damn I lost a good woman bcz of my stupid judgment. nd i blocked him nd started no contact rule. last week I reinstall my whatsapp so my block list was gone unblocked. i am in no contact for 28 days today. yesterday suddenly I got a text from him saying hello. and was asking how I
Am. when I ignored him he called me. but I didn't break my no contact as I can't understand why he texted me out of blue while during brkup i told him not to text me.
Why did he contact me again?
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